Food, Friends and Fun, part 1

What a fun, long weekend it was! Friends visiting from out of town is always an awesome time, especially when it’s a long holiday weekend! From a Friday filled with a trip to Coors Brewery, followed by a trip to Heritage Square, watching a storm roll in over the Rockies with the most lightning I have ever seen at once in my life, a fabulous dinner at the Ninth Door and drinks at Front Porch it was certainly a good time!

Coors was fun, we quickly did the actual tour since it’s self guided and we had all been to at least one brewery tour before. The tasting line was long but the Blue Moon Honey Ale was really good! The whole brewery had that good hops smell to it and it was nice and cool, unlike the hot sticky heat outdoors! We left Coors and zipped over to Heritage Square which reminded me of a somewhat run down Disney Land main street. The real attraction here is the alpine slide. You walk up a very steep hill to the base of the mountain and get your tickets. After that it’s over to the chair lift where they have something that is like a blue plastic sled equipped with a brake/steering power and up the mountain you go on the lift. Coming down it’s almost as though you’re on a bobsled riding down a very long and winding water slide on the actual Alpine Sled. I sat out and played photographer while Rob, Court and Michael all took a ride, although it looked like a blast the chair lift was quite the deterrent! We walked through the little town and got some ice cream and snow cones and then headed out in the nick of time. A HUGE storm rolled in a soon as we got back to Rob and Court’s hotel and since they had a view of the mountains we watched the lightning erupt all over the sky. I wish that I had had my Nikon with me because I’m pretty sure I could have gotten some amazing pics but all I had was my trusty iPhone and I just couldn’t capture it fast enough!

Dinner was at one of my favorite places here in Denver, it’s called The Ninth Door and is a fun little tapas restaurant in LoDo (an area in downtown Denver). Michael and I come here a lot and were excited to share it with Rob and Court plus I found a new favorite dish…a slice of Manchego cheese, pear and arugula with a piece of prosciutto wrapped around it. I will have pictures to share a soon as I make this tasty little thing at home 🙂 The Ninth Door also has a dish that has flash fried arugula on the side and I think it’s delicious! Who has ever heard of flash fried greens? Again, I wish I had my camera….but there will be a next time!

There was a lot more fun to be had over the weekend which I will share in another installment! Until then….cheers!


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