East Coast Travels Pt. 2

Washington DC and Baltimore..so much fun! We did a very quick trip to DC, a day and a half with a pause in Baltimore for a delicious lunch of crabs and a quick tour of Inner Harbor. DC in a day and a half is exhausting but we were able to cram a LOT into our time there! Two Smithsonian museums, the Air and Space as well as the American History. Both proved to be really interesting but I could have spent about 4 days at the museums alone! Dinner followed our long day on foot but everyones spirits picked up after getting some delicious food into our systems…thank youFogo De Chao ! After dinner Michael and I split off from the rest of the group and we went exploring the monuments at night. What a beautiful sight! The Washington monument glowed, towering way above our heads. There was a slight breeze so the flags were flying around it which made it even more special. We walked down through the World War Two memorial, and ended our night at the Lincoln memorial. It was all so pretty light up and glowing! We got some great shots of the Washington monument in the reflecting pool as well as with Lincoln. The following day we took a trolley tour around DC and saw even more sights including the Vietnam memorial and the Korean war memorial, a quick drive through Georgetown (I LOVE it there!) and a tour through Embassy Row. The trolley was a nice way to see everything and is a full 8-5 day tour but we left around 1:00 to head up to Baltimore for a lunch of crabs, corn and slaw. A dozen crabs were thrown down in front of us on our butcher paper covered table and we went to town. It was delicious but I came to realize a little later that while they are really tasty they are not very filling! We walked around Baltimore’s inner harbor for a while, toured a submarine, had some ice cream and then continued our drive back up to New Jersey. It was a fun filled two days and I will definitely be back to DC to continue the tour someday!


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