Molecular Gastronomy=Utter Deliciousness

This past weekend has been a very busy one and there will definitely be more posts to follow but I thought this one needed to get up yesterday 🙂 Alaina came to town for the weekend which involved some very fun trips around town and a lot of tasty food. After doing some foodie research she came up with a trip to O’s Steak and Seafood in Westminster, CO. Now this restaurant is housed inside the Westin Hotel and as many of you probably have experienced hotel dining I was interested to see how this would pan out! We were seated at a little booth in the corner, the dining room was not packed, was fairly quiet and had nice tall ceilings. We had a view outside of the patio which would have been great during a sunset!

Now for those who aren’t aware of what Molecular Gastronomy (MG) cooking is let me give you a brief rundown before I describe my amazing evening! Molecular Gastronomy is a unique style of cooking where chef’s mix cooking and science and produce some out of this world creations. As our server put it, it’s like playing with food! There were two menus that we were able to choose from; the first was a tasting menu that was purely MG cooking and the other menu had single dishes with some MG components. Michael ordered Hawaiian Hamachi “New Style Sashimi” with Micro Greens & Togarashi for his starter and for his main course he had the Berbere Roasted Pork Belly served with Israeli Couscous Carbonara & 148°F Egg. Alaina and I opted for the MG tasting menu and she had a wine pairing to go with it which the server very graciously split between us. The following items were on the menu, I’ll walk you through the experience after it 🙂

MG Tasting Menu

Pear, apricot, plum gastrique
Poached shrimp, goat cheese marble, vanilla

Smoked trout Bruschetta
Salt water caviar, frozen tomatoes, chili threads

Sous-vide lamb chops
Peppers from the garden, Colorado corn, chayote chips

Crème brulee ice cream with burnt palm sugar
Made table side with liquid nitrogen

**See photos below, not the best quality, apologize but they’re with my iphone!**

The first dish came out and it looked like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, I couldn’t wait to dive in. There were so many different places to start but I came to realize that you had to literally build a bite on your fork to get the best of all worlds. First, cut off a piece of shrimp, drag it through the gastriuqes, put a little goat cheese on, dip in the vanilla foam (!!) and finally drag it through the mixed vegetable pixie dust. It was a m a z i n g. All children would eat their vegetables if it came in the form of a pixie stick!

Our second course was the one I was least looking forward to as it contained smoked trout BUT it also had salt water caviar and so I was really intrigued. It was delicious! The smokiness of the trout paired with the frozen, yes frozen heirloom tomatoes and the saltiness of the caviar with a bite of toasted french bread rocked! The tomatoes were so interesting, they had been hit with nitrogen and flash frozen but they still had a lot of their flavor. It was unlike anything I have ever eaten!

The main course was phenomenal. The lamb was perfectly cooked and beautifully prepared. The corn was by far some the freshest corn I’ve eaten and I loved that it was shucked and had the lamb resting on top of it. I was also excited to try chayote for the first time, there were some chips on top of the lamb that I happily munched on in between bites. I thought it was really good and am going to look for it at the market to see what I can do with it! This course had two small chops and it took me a very long time to get through it because I was getting full! The portions of this tasting menu were very generous.

The dessert was ice cream that was prepared table side AND it was creme brulee ice cream so I was double excited. We were disappointed that the Chef himself didn’t come out to do the presentation as we had been told but it was really tasty either way. Seeing the liquid nitrogen being used to create a dessert that I was going to eat a few minutes later, well that rocked!

Two more quick notes about the food and then I’ll share some pictures. Alaina and I also ordered the Blue Lump Crab Cake served with Avocado Relish, Salt Water Bubbles. This was the best crab cake I have ever eaten. The salt water bubbles (foam!) and the relish were great accompaniments and really added to the flavors of the cake. Michael’s dish was also amazing. The egg that was served at 148° was cooked to look like a sunny side up egg but when you cut into it the yolk was like custard. It was the most delicious egg I have ever eaten. His pork was so tender and when eaten with a bite of the egg and the couscous, well I didn’t think it could get any better than that. For his dessert he ordered the Hawaiian Doughnuts served with White Chocolate Jasmine Dipping Sauce, although they were out of the dipping sauce so we got a creme anglaise instead which was definitely ok by me! The meal was really complete with the service, Carlos was amazing. You could tell he was so excited to be working there and excited about the food as well that it just made us more excited for everything to come, so a big shout out to him!

There are many more adventures to be shared but until then….cheers!


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