Garden of the Gods

I’d heard of this place from a friend who had visited about three weeks before Alaina came to town and immediately knew that it was somewhere we would definitely have to go. We headed off to the farmers market first to pick up tasty snacks along the way and of course ended up leaving with bags filled with goodies, but more on farmers markets another time. Garden of the God is located about an hour south of Denver in Colorado Springs and it is gorgeous. I’d for sure love to go back and check it out again because I know that there are places that we didn’t get to! When we drove in there were lots of dark clouds rolling in as well as the occasional crack of thunder. Not exactly the kind of weather you want when you’re down there but we figured we’d wait it out. The first hour or so the clouds kept rolling in, there were a few light showers here and there and the occasional bolt of lightning in the distance but we kept on trekking and it was so worth it! I don’t know that there are really many more words that will do this place justice so I think I will just leave you with a slew of pictures. For more pictures check out my facebook page! Until next time….cheers!


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