Football season is here….go Bears!

Although I’m somewhat sad that summer is coming to an end, I am very much looking forward to what fall has to bring! Football, changing leaves, hearty soups, apples, new cooking ideas and finding what Denver has to offer! I was very excited to find out that the Bears were coming to play the Broncos, even if it was a preseason game which breaks all rules about going to football when it’s hot outside!  Michael’s cousin was so generous and gave us 3 of their season tickets so I could cheer on those boys from Chicago 🙂 The atmosphere at Invesco Field was out of control, it was a sea of blue and orange but it wasn’t hard to pick out the loyal Bears fans! We had a blast, despite the loud boos and rattling sounds coming from the stadium every time Jay Cutler came on the field! To top off the awesome night….the Bears won! Nothing could beat my first trip to Invesco, even if I was rooting for the wrong team! Go Bears!

Looking forward to watching what Bears game I can catch out here, cheering for my Illini and potentially even cheering for the Broncos. Happy Football Season everyone! Until next time….cheers!


One response to “Football season is here….go Bears!

  1. THAT’S MY GIRL!!! I was ready to kill those Bronco fans. Enough was enough already with the booing of Cutler!! But HA, we beat them anyway :-). I’m proud of you, sticking up for our Bears. Amy, Paul and I will be channeling you and David on Sunday night! Go Bears!!

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