Mountains! Mountains! Mountains!

So I’ve been waiting and waiting to get up to the mountains and it’s taken me eight months to get there but it was incredible! Now I may have to start going somewhat more frequently since they are so close πŸ™‚ Only a quick post with pictures because I have so much work to be doing for school but I wanted to share the experience! We missed the leaves turning on the Aspens which I was bummed about but we did see a few really pretty trees. Next year we’ll have to pay more attention to the changing weather, however the leaves in Denver are changing and they are spectacular, I’ll have to go shoot some pictures this weekend! We headed up to Breckenridge, had a great picnic in the lawn by the creek, walked around Main Street, drove up Dam Road, across Loveland Pass, stopped at the Continental Divide, touched snow and then headed back down to the city. Awesome time! Until next time…cheers !


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