Walk for the Cure

Sunday I had the privilege to walk in this awesome event with Michael’s mom, sister and aunt. We walked in celebration of both his mom and aunt, and while I’ve done this walk many times before this one was by far the most powerful one ever. With at least 65,000 walkers present the vibe throughout the walk was awesome. Seeing so many people come together to celebrate lives or to remember them was pretty powerful. There were so many men, women and children wearing pink in so many different ways. It rocked! From a very large and tall bald man with hot pink goopy paint on his head to a cute old couple being pulled in a rickshaw bike carriage there was lots to see! Here are just a few pictures that I was able to snap with my phone, we walked along Speer, Colfax and Federal, three of the busiest streets in the city. We also had to walk down the entrance ramp to I-25 and then back up onto the Auraria Blvd. ramp so that was pretty cool! The weather proved to be chilly but a perfect day for a walk. Looking forward to doing more 5K’s next year! Until next time…cheers! Mile 2!Walking on the Highway!Taligating for the CureSTART!Trying to get to the Starting Line


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