Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I have decided that I need to start doing something with my photography, especially the kid aspect of it. So I’m going to spend my winter break from school looking into branching out and finding a way to keep taking pictures and expanding my base of subjects and even (hopefully) making a little money while doing it. If anyone in the Denver area knows of some kiddos that need some pictures taken let me know! Here are three awesome little ladies (2, 1 and 5) that were great subjects…just a few for today. More to come soon!

Next up we had Miss M who was cute as could be in her polka dot fleece and big blue eyes.

look at those baby blues!

Last one for the day–my other M, day dreaming in the grass on a gorgeous summer day.

Dreaming up something fabulous I'm sure

Off to experiment with the camera–I’m sure I’ll have more cuties tomorrow 🙂 Until next time…cheers!


2 responses to “Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

  1. First let me say, those are FABULOUS!!!! Let me know what you find, I would love to branch out and do something with mine as well. A few of mine are actually being used as “the christmas card” this year and I also did my cousins wedding. Check a few of the best on my facebook pics……
    Good Luck, you’ve got quite an eye!!!!


    • Thanks Tina. I’ve done Christmas cards as well and will be shooting a wedding in a few weeks. Looking forward to it. Enjoy the holidays!

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