Friday Night Dinner, Beets and Cupcakes

So last night after an awesome dinner of steak, roasted veggies and an arugula salad I was feeling the need for some sort of dessert. I had been thinking earlier in the day that I would make some cookies to go along with my delicious dinner but then I fell asleep on the couch and that thought went right out the window. I threw dinner together in a flash and realized that it wasn’t a recipe that would take forever so I was thrilled to add it to my quick recipe list. I decided that what I was most in the mood for was a cupcake so we hopped in the car and drove downtown to this little place called the Shoppe. I’d heard great things about this place, after all a place with cupcakes and a cereal bar must be good right? I’d already sampled some of their cupcakes at a friends house and was blown away by the carrot and the red velvet. We walked in and I got a good vibe from that first step through the door. The place was packed, people were sitting around tables with their cupcakes, bowls of cereal and games galore enjoying a fun evening out. The line to the counter was about 8 people deep so we just waited patiently. When we finally got to the counter I was bummed to see that carrot and red velvet were gone so we decided to get 4 mini’s and try some new flavors. First in the box went a coconut cupcake, followed by a vanilla cupcake with raspberry jam mixed with frosting, next was death by chocolate and last….well last was a chocolate beet cupcake with a frosting with shredded beets mixed in. Yep that’s right, I said beets. We drove home excited with our new treats and then the moment we walked in the door, Michael had already torn open the box and thrown the coconut one down the hatch! The raspberry vanilla one was good but then we turned to the beet one…I was a little skeptical so I made him go first. It was awesome! The chocolate cake was probably one of THE best ones I’ve ever had and then there was the shredded beet aspect to go along with it. The frosting was good, it didn’t taste too much like beets but definitely had it’s color from them. The only downside was that since these cupcakes were mini’s there was an awful lot of frosting going on so we scrapped a good amount of it off. Who would have ever thought that a beet cupcake would rock?!

Notice the coconut one already missing?!


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