Friday Night Date Night

Wednesday equals an email from Whole Foods talking about their special item for sale for 1 day only–this week it featured Jonah Crab Claws (which I might at are awesome). The friendly fishmonger at my Whole Foods let me have a sample and I immediately ordered 2 pounds of the claws to cook up for dinner. I ended up saving them for dinner last night and it was by far my favorite dinner on the grill yet this season. If you ever have the opportunity to give these puppies a try I highly recommend them! Dinner for the bf and I totaled a whopping $15.75 for the two of us and you certainly can’t beat that! Zucchini from the farmers market ($1.00) , corn and a vidalia onion from Whole Foods ($1.75), 2 pounds crab claws ($12.00) and potatoes (not pictured for $1.00) from the farmers market as well.   We threw the claws on the grill for 3 minutes per side after letting the veggies take their time cooking, threw everything together on the table and dug into a Denver style crab feast!


2 responses to “Friday Night Date Night

    • thanks Katie! it was super easy and I definitely loved making it at home! next up I want to try a shrimp boil of sorts and throw everything into a pot and call it a day!

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