June Already?

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, ahem, and I am so sorry! School and work were just keeping me so busy that I pushed it aside. Now that summer is here nothing has  actually slowed down but I am going to try to write every day for the next month so that I can keep up with things and get back into the swing of blogging!

We are in the midst of a cold spell here in Denver, when I went to the farmers market this morning it was a chilly 50˚ and raining. However I was thrilled to see that it was somewhat empty which was a nice change and that there were finally peas! I’ve been waiting and waiting for peas and finally today they were there! I have some ideas of what it is that I want to make but I think that the first thing will be this recipe from Orangette. I haven’t tried anything from her yet but I love some of the stuff she’s done and I think it will be the perfect side for a roast chicken. I also found candy striped beets! I’ve been waiting since last summer to find them because they’re never at the grocery store and I’m looking forward to slicing them and roasting them. Lastly I found rhubarb and I do believe that a dessert is being called for, potentially a pie! Pictures of my farmers market finds will be posted a bit later!

Have a great weekend!


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