Where have you gone July?

I thought that summer would mean more time for me and more time for blogging…clearly I was mistaken! So much has already happened and I haven’t had time to sit down and share which means that I have a lot of catching up to do! Here is a sneak peak at the vacation I took at the end of June/early July with family. We went to Yellowstone and this amazing place called Flat Creek Ranch in the mountains outside of Jackson Hole. It is my new favorite place on earth! I promise to share more about the trip throughout the week as well as working on sharing my summer photos!

The farmers market is finally beginning to peak here in Denver and I was able to get my hands on some early peaches on Saturday and they are so tasty! I also grabbed potatoes, green beans and corn which were all local, fresh and delicious. I made a great side dish recipe that I promise to share this week but I must say that if you have the opportunity to go out and buy those ingredients at your local market it will make the dish a spectacular showcase at your next bbq!

Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone

The Bison welcoming us to Wyoming!

Horses at the ranch


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