7 Days and 8 Nights on a Wilderness Dude Ranch

High up in the mountains of Wyoming, about 2 hours outside of Jackson Hole lies the most beautiful, peaceful place. Flat Creek Ranch the Waldorf Astoria of ranches according to a family member. I remember my sister moaning about going to the mountains, for 8 days, with no TV or internet and very spotty cell service and after 2 days there even she had been transformed into a fan. It was truly amazing, the sights, the staff, the food, the sounds…there is nothing that I can even begin to compare this experience to. A handful of staff members meet you in Jackson hole with the trucks and load up your luggage and then whisk you away to the mountains. The drive up isn’t pretty (well scenery wise it is) but it’s not a real road that you take up it’s rocks, and dirt along the edge of cliffs at times, dips and bumps galore. I’m not the best in a car and it took a lot for me to get through this but they drive very slowly and carefully and try to avoid as many dips and rocks that they can but inevitably one is going to pop up now and again. Concentrate on the scenery around you and drink some ice cold water and you can make it through. About 2 minutes from the gate that leads us to the property of the ranch we saw…a moose! It was what I had been hoping for but sadly my camera was in the back of the truck god knows where. He was beautiful though! Wading through the water, stopping to take a drink and then turning around and going back to the other side of the creek. That made me one happy girl and while I didn’t get to see another moose my entire trip that glimpse for a few minutes made my trip.

Joe and Marsha own the ranch and they were awesome. There is a lot of rich history that comes along with the ranch that they shared with us and it was fascinating…I will however leave that out in the hopes that one day you can also experience this beautiful place and hear the history from the mouths of Joe and Marsha! Shelby and Trey managed the ranch when Joe and Marsha weren’t around and they made the trip even more fun-they have had a lot of great adventures (Chili, Argentina, all over the world I believe) and they made sure that everything was running smoothly. Trey was our fly fishing instructor and he made me feel like I could do it, even though I sucked!

There were a handful of other staff members that made the ranch run and without them our trip would have sucked! We ate like kings 3 times a day, rode horses, took canoe rides, hiked, relaxed, hung out in the sauna over the creek, fly fished and played games. It was truly one of the best vacations I’ve ever had, and if you have the means to rent out the entire place and bring your family then I wouldn’t hesitate, I’d do it in a heartbeat! We had themed dinners (Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, France and Italy as well as a few American nights) and the cooks kicked some serious butt. New Zealand night was my absolute favorite with Orange Roughy served with a plateful of love.

I’ll share more tomorrow!

Here are a few shots from the first day we were there, just getting to know our home for the week!

Welcome to Flat Creek Ranch

My Cabin

The Sauna!

Crossing the Bridge

Other Side of the Bridge

Little Red Barn

Drift Boat at the Dock


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