Exciting Things Happening!

So I clearly stink at this…I keep saying that I’m going to post more frequently and then life happens and things get busy. Lately I’ve been enjoying my “down time” with no classes while keeping on my toes at work! In the midst of all of this I booked my very first paid photography shoot and I am SO excited! It’s for a friend of my boss and we’ve set the date in October to capture the fall in Denver. With three gorgeous children I am very excited about this photo shoot and promise that I will share some of the images! Keeping with that theme, I am also going to be doing my very first maternity photo shoot within the next two weeks! I’m a bit more nervous about that one and would take any tips I can get! I am excited though, the mom is glowing and is so excited about the arrival of her baby girl and I am looking forward to branching out into new areas of picture taking. I also will get to take some pictures of the baby girl when she makes her appearance and I can’t wait! I’m also looking forward to my boss bringing home her two new baby boys when they are big enough to leave the hospital because I have some great ideas in mind for twin shots. I’ve been ordering items from etsy and am looking forward to all this photography work when it comes in!

Life will begin to be very busy over the next 10 months as I am working on finishing up an education program at UC Denver that has 3 student teaching opportunities. So while my classes and student teaching will be keeping me busy I hope to find more time than not to get behind my camera. I’ll be sure to share pics from all my upcoming photo shoots when they’re finished and to check in at least once a week. Hope everyone is enjoying their last weeks of summer before school gets back into swing!

Here are just a few shots from an awesome dinner I made last night! Grilled Sea Bass with lemon and lime zest, salt, pepper, olive oil and lime juice topped with a peach salsa like concoction with peaches, avocado, red onion, jalapeno, red bell pepper and grilled corn all marinated in lime juice with a lot of salt and pepper. On the side was some grilled asparagus! It was one delicious dinner that cost under $20 and was from Whole Foods and the farmers market.


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    • Yes! That would be great thanks! We have some ideas but I’m still looking for more ideas. Thanks 🙂

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