School’s Back In Session!

I am SO very excited about the next 9 months, although I know that they will be incredibly busy and fly by I will be spending them in a classroom as a teacher candidate (another fancy title for student teacher). I have been waiting for this moment for a lot of years and while I was the one who took time off from school I get a little zing of excitement every time I walk through the doors at the school I’ve been placed at! CDE is a wonderful school with what seems like a tight knit community. The teachers are all awesome, we have a beautiful library with a brand new librarian and each classroom has a star cart which has a document camera, a projector, a computer and A SMART BOARD! I could probably go on and on about the smart board but there is PLENTY of time for that so I’ll save my excitement for another day. I’m currently student teaching twice a week at CDE in a very cool 3rd grade classroom. Here’s a shot of part of the room before the kids came 🙂 We had our first day today and it was great-I only have 26 names to learn (ha) and I’m looking forward to getting to know each of the students in the next 8 weeks before I have to switch to a different grade level. Yea for awesome elementary schools! This one brings back fond memories of my years at Leal Elementary School in Urbana, IL and all the amazing teachers that I had there. You were all most definitely a huge influence on my wanting to become a teacher!

If this is a time for going back to school for you I hope it goes smoothly and that everyone is as excited as I am!


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