Good Bye Summer

It’s October 5 and it’s still hot here in Denver. Tomorrow the high temp is 82˚ and I for one am ready for fall. This is my goodbye to summer dish-I hope that the next recipe I post is a fall one filled with apples, squash or other yummy fall things I come across. This was super easy to put together and everything is fresh and Colorado grown which made me excited! I came up with this when I was at the store and it all looked so fresh (and was all on sale), a little bit of time on the grill and it’s a super easy, healthy side dish that goes with everything. Hope you enjoy!


4 zucchini

4 ears of corn

4-5 tomatoes (small to medium in size, I used 5 early girls and wish I had a few more)

Olive Oil



1. Cut zucchini in half, brush with oil and sprinkle with salt. Throw on the grill and remove when cooked.

2. Place corn on the cob on the grill, allow to cook (mine took about 15 minutes with the husks half on)

3. Cut zucchini into small pieces

4. Cut corn off the cob

5. Dice up tomatoes

6. Toss together in a bowl and season with pepper and more salt if needed.

Serve with dinner!

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