31 Days of Pictures…

I’ve been seeing many 30/31 days of pictures posts all over blogs that I like to read and I think that it’s something that I’d love to do. While I wish that my camera and I could have time for a nice long date I do believe that my little iPhone takes some great pictures. So I’m going to do it, and yes I realize that it’s already December 4th so today I’ll post 4 pictures. They might not be brilliant shots, or who knows perhaps they will be. But with so much going on at school and with student teaching I need something for me, and perhaps in the process I’ll actually get some shots of myself because I certainly don’t have any recent ones. So who’s with me? Grab your camera (or your phone) and find a place online to showcase the shots for the rest of the year…I’m certain that you can find some great holiday moments to capture!!


December 1:

Slug Bug Blue!

December 2:

Cupcake Measuring Cups!


December 3:

I Love My Boots!

Go Illini!


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