I found a new weekly blog link up for photos that are taken with your phone and that is SO perfect for my hectic life right now. Sadly I don’t think I’ve picked up my camera since our trip to La Jolla but I certainly snap pics with my phone all the time. Seems like everyone is doing that these days. If you’ve got a pictures that you want to link up go for it! This shot was taken with my iPhone using the hipstamatic app (which is my favorite photo app.)


This was taken at dBar in Denver and if you live in the area and you’ve never been…well run! Get down there and try some dessert!! While you’ll usually find a line of people waiting to get a table here it’s well worth the wait. I like it more in the summer when the patio is open and there are more tables available but either way you’re going to get some really great dessert. Another note about this place? Keegan from the Food Network owns this place and many times you’ll find him behind the dessert bar which is always fun. I’d highly recommend the creme bruleé and it’s always on the menu. The donuts (which are pictured) are amazing and should always be ordered and shared! Forget dinner, hop in your car or run down there and grab some dessert!


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