Restaurant Week-Part One

The past two weeks in Denver have been restaurant week and it’s been a lot of fun! In Denver this means that there is a huge list of participating restaurants where you can go and dine for $52.80 for two people. It’s a great way to try out new restaurants or places that just aren’t in the budget typically. There are so many places to go and it’s always a rush to make reservations when the list comes out because some places fill up in a snap. We had talked about a few places to visit and decided that we should try new restaurants this year and that’s exactly what we did!

My first dinner was at the ChoLon which is new to the restaurant scene here and has been getting rave reviews since the day the door opened (6 months ago!) This was a girls dinner and the four of us could not have left happier! Everything was delicious and despite going rather early we had a nice time and all left with full bellies. I was practically drooling from the moment I walked in the door because I’ve been wanting to come here since they opened and I was so happy that they didn’t disappoint. While I didn’t get a shot of everything we ate (I was too busy trying everything!) I did get a few, here’s what we ate for the first course:

  • Kaya Toast, Coconut Jam, Egg Cloud-this is based off of a cambodian dish (I think) and while I was hesitant because of the coconut jam it was awesome. The toast is thick cut bread cut into triangles and toasted or grilled with the coconut jam on top. You dip it into the egg cloud which is essentially like scrambled egg custard. This was so good and while it seems rather dessert like I’m glad we tried it!

  • Pork Belly Pot Stickers, Ginger Mustard-This had me from the words pork belly. Yes please! These were delicious, steamed pot stickers with pork belly inside. The ginger mustard was a great contrast to the pot stickers and I could have eaten the entire plate on my own.

  • Crispy Calamari, Lemon-Chili Aioli- Perfectly cooked calamari and the aioli was the perfect compliment. While it was delicious I need to move on to the next course which I still dream about.
  • Soup Dumplings, Sweet Onion Gruyere- OH. MY. GOD. I don’t even know how to describe these, ok well I do but seriously this was probably the best part of dinner. I want more. I want them in my life every day. Who wouldn’t want to put a bite size dumpling into their mouth only to find onion soup exploding onto your tongue once it’s burst open. Seriously people. If you haven’t been here yet you better start running there so you can get your hands on these babies. Sadly I didn’t get a picture because we all popped them into our mouths quickly but I promise you they are worth the trip.

Second Course was awesome:

  • Trout Almondine, Sizzling Aromatics, Long Beans-This was great. I’m not a fan of trout but this dish changed my mind. The fish was cooked perfectly with a nice crispy skin. The long beans were an awesome pairing with the fish.

  • Tamarind Glazed Lamb Shank, Spiced Peanuts, Asian Pear-Lamb that falls off the bone it’s so tender. The spiced peanuts were a nice contrast and gave a crunch to the dish.

Third Course:

  • Chinese Sausage Fried Rice, Poached Egg-This was good, I enjoyed how the egg sat on top of the fried rice and once you poked a fork into it the egg ran all over. Delicious!

  • Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts, Ground Pork, Mint-WOAH. These little babies are amazing. They seriously tasted like candy! They are perfectly cooked, crispy little things and paired with the pork and the mint it’s seriously the best brussel sprout dish I’ve ever eaten. You must try these if you’re ever here, even if you don’t like brussel sprouts, I promise these will change your mind!!

Dessert Course:

  • Spiced Doughnuts, Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream, Condensed Milk-These little doughnuts were awesome, I’m not sure what the spices were on them but it was delicious! Paired with a bite of the ice cream it was a perfect mini dessert to end the meal. I certainly was glad this was a meal shared among 4 friends because I was stuffed!

  • Chocolate Cake, Salted Peanut Ice Cream, Toasted Marshmallow-Last but certainly not least was this fun little dessert! The combination of all these components was amazing. I want a pint of salted peanut ice cream to keep in my freezer. A bite of chocolate cake with the ice cream pulled through the caramel that was on the plate was seriously phenomenal. The toasted marshmallow is how all marshmallows should taste! 

Thank You ChoLon for one of the best meals I ate during restaurant week. I am very much looking forward to eating here again!!


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