Tips for a Relaxed and Fun Photo Shoot!

Just some helpful ideas for a relaxed photo shoot!


1) What do you want to come across in the pictures? Let me know! I may have some visions that I want to capture but I am always up for incorporating your ideas as well!


2) Make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. You want to be able to move around and have fun. Color is great, lots of distracting patterns are just that…distracting.


3) Props! Do you have a favorite blanket? Chair? Let’s chat and we’ll work it into the shoot. Props can make the shoot so much more persona and fun and I love incorporating these items. They can add some great detail. (Think umbrellas, quilts, chairs, the list is endless!)


4) Snacks! Make sure your little ones have a fully belly so that they are happy. We can always take breaks for snacks and drinks and snuggles but if they have a snack or a meal prior to the shoot it seems to work best (think crumbs/spills/etc. during the shoot, not good!) Tell them that after the shoot they can have a ___________ (piece of candy, lollipop, ice cream). Bribes aren’t always a bad thing 🙂


5) We can always stop and take a break,especially if a little one is feeling overwhelmed. Remember that this should be a fun event, nothing stiff and formal. What will make your kids laugh? Run and chase them? Tickles? I guarantee that if you’re having fun I will get some great pics.


Last but not least…have fun! I want to capture you and your family in the moment while you’re having fun!



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