I’ve always loved horses. In the 3rd grade I had an obsession, figurines, pictures, books, whatever I could get my hands on. I vaguely remember it stemming from my friend Kate who loved them as well. My love for them has continued on since then, riding a horse makes me insanely happy and while it doesn’t happen very often when it does I feel like I am on top of the world (once I get comfortable being back in the saddle of course.)

I love reading Pioneer Woman, her blog also makes me happy. Part of it probably has to do with the fact that she lives on a ranch and has horses. The other part is because I imagine she is insanely awesome and laid back and amazing to hang out with. Her recipes are great and she includes LOTS of pictures which makes me happy, not to mention I love reading about life on a ranch.

Combine these two things together and you get her current Photo Assignment “Horses.” A soon as I saw that I knew that I had the perfect picture to enter. It was taken last July at Flat Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, WY and I still dream of the day I get to back there. I did a quick bit of editing and quickly submitted the shot to the Flickr group and promptly forgot about my entry…until now. I see on facebook that she’s posted group one so I head on over. AND GUESS WHAT?! I found MY picture in group 1. MY PICTURE! That means that she (or whomever is looking through all the submissions) liked MY picture enough to make it a part of the amazing pictures in group 1. Some of you might be laughing at me but I truly feel honored. Not to mention giddy like a five year old in a candy store. So please go check out the rest of the amazing horse pictures and cross your fingers for me (although to be honest I don’t care if I win a prize or not, this is a huge honor in my mind.!!) So Ree (aka Pioneer Woman) thanks for making my night!!

Here’s hoping I can sleep…and here’s the picture 🙂



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