Things I’m Loving…

I realize how totally random my blog is right now and I think I’m ok with that. Someday (and I’d like to think it will be someday soon) I’m hoping to get a separate blog for my photography but for now it’s one big happy blog. I’ve recently realized that I have become a blog stalker (*gasp*) but I know that I’m not the only one out there. While I wish that I knew how to get fancy and snag pics and showcase them here for now a link love list will have to suffice. And heck who knows perhaps this can be a weekly Wednesday installment, that is if life as a student teacher doesn’t get the best of me. Anyways…back to those things I’m loving.

The Pleated Poppy Shop

-zippered pouches. seriously who wouldn’t love one (or six) of these? I’ve already come up with a list of things I need them for.

  1. a catchall in my purse
  2. lipglosses
  3. for the gym
  4. for gifts

If you need something fun for yourself (or as a gift) look here!


-who doesn’t love this store? I get overwhelmed when walking in sometimes because I want to touch/buy everything. I love these latte bowls and am always wanting to buy more because I just think you a) can’t have enough cute bowls and b) seem to constantly run out of bowls when I’m cooking. Plus they contrast nicely with my plain old white dishes which I love. Pops of color in the kitchen? Yes please!

I could totally show you 7,000 more things that I’m loving here but you’ll just have to wait!


Etsy alone is fabulous. Seriously. If you’ve never checked it out go. RIGHT NOW. I mean it! There is so much incredible stuff to be found!

I’m loving this shop Ruffles and Fringe. She’s got the cutest headbands out there (in my opinion of course!) I’m set to order a few for myself and perhaps for some cute girls I know. If you love headbands I highly recommend checking these out, they are so fun.

I also love the shop August Blossoms for fun camera straps. For those of you that tote around your camera all the time you probably know what I mean when you wish you could jazz up your plain strap. Well you can! Check them out.

That’s it for things I’m loving this week….


**I am NOT endorsed by anyone I’ve mentioned this week, these are all just my own personal opinion/current obsession**


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