30 Day Photography Challenge

I’m back! I’ve been m.i.a all summer and I know that it’s lame but I don’t really have an excuse aside from I’ve been enjoying summer for the first time in years! Being engaged, exploring Colorado and doing lots of traveling has kept me b u s y! I’m happy that summer is winding down but also wondering where it’s gone. In order to try to regain some sort of normalcy around here I found a list for a 30 day photography challenge on pinterest. After looking it up on the blog that was linked through pinterest I see that it was done back in May…but I’m going to do it now! So starting tomorrow I’ll be crossing things off this list one by one. I’ve adapted it so my 30 days are slightly different but that’s part of the fun. If you want to join with me feel free to leave a comment with a link to your photos or I hope you enjoy mine! Come back tomorrow to see a self portrait (and perhaps some wedding pictures from a shoot last weekend!) Good Night!

Day 1: Self-portrait
Day 2: What you wore today
Day 3: Someone you love
Day 4: Summer something
Day 5: Back to School
Day 6: Vegetable
Day 7: Eyes
Day 8: Fruit
Day 9: Clouds
Day 10: Water  
Day 11: From a distance
Day 12: Sunshine
Day 13: Hands
Day 14: Feet
Day 15: Dogs
Day 16: A shot from up above
Day 17: A shot from down low
Day 18: Love
Day 19: Sunset
Day 20: A bad habit
Day 21: technology
Day 22: Cars
Day 23: sparkles
Day 24: Dinner
Day 25: Flowers
Day 26: Something green
Day 27: Black and White
Day 28: Animal 
Day 29: Your shoes
Day 30: Self-portrait

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