Summer, Clouds and Travel…

Happy Monday! Back from an amazing wedding weekend in Northern Michigan! Here are days 5-7 from my photo challenge as well as a few photos shot with my phone from the weekend. Loads of wedding photos to edit, previews to come!


This is my summer shot! An amazingly comfortable lounge chair, on the dock, IN the lake and looking out onto the beautiful Torch Lake. Wonderful weekend, not a lot of time to enjoy the chair but I fully intend on traveling back to Northern Michigan one summer (hopefully sometime soon.)

Clouds….love being above the clouds! Taken from a little plane somewhere above Michigan, they sure are gorgeous!



Travel…I got to fly through O’Hare Airport yesterday and was absurdly nostalgic while flying over the city. Apparently I’m missing my city more than I realized. I haven’t been through O’Hare in years, we always fly in and out of Midway. This is my favorite part of the airport, it has been since I was little. I believe I called the rainbow tunnel then and it still is fitting! The lights above are the colors of the rainbow and seem to flow. I was thisclose to being able to volunteer to get bumped off the freaking plane and spend a little bit of time in my city but then United decided they weren’t actually over booked. Needless to say I was bummed. Oh well, I got a glimpse of the city! Hopefully it will keep me satisfied until Thanksgiving đŸ™‚



Just a few more shots from the weekend, enjoy! Have a great Monday!



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