Hello 2012!

Happy New Year! I welcomed in 2012 sitting on a quiet beach in Soliman Bay, Mexico. While technically I’m here working it was a nice escape and a nice, relaxing welcome to this new year. While I’m not typically one to do resolutions I do like to create a list of things I’d like to accomplish for the year and I generally will add to it as time goes on. However at this point it’s a work in progress that looks like this:

– Complete a photography project 52 or project 365. 52 seems more attainable but 365 could definitely be done. Top of my list is to link up with Paint the Moon photography for project 52. Links to follow when I’m at my computer not my iPad.
– be a better blogger!
– run at least 3 5k’s and actually run more than walk!
– keep working on my photography, build clientele!
– marry the boy I love (easy enough, dates set for 8/12/12…HOORAY!)
– take more pictures and be IN them!

With that I’ll leave you admiring my view for the next two days and wishing you a happy and healthy year! Pictures from my trip to be posted upon return.



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