Week 6-Linear

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

I’m back with linear pictures for week 6/52. Joining up with Annie at Paint the Moon. To see some really awesome entries go check out the flickr page to see some linear shots as well as chaos. There are some really great pictures out there! I had my camera at work this week and wound up with three pictures that I liked that I thought fit the bill of linear.


I love this first one…I was sitting on the porch while T was “painting” the snow with a spray bottle filled with blue food coloring and water. The painting wasn’t super successful since we were using a spray bottle that wasn’t perfect for little hands. We’ll try again next week 🙂 I was quite happy with how the shot turned out and liked that you can see a bit of blue snow in the corner! Processed with Paint the Moon actions (sunny days and urban delight) Am having fun experimenting with the freebies while I try to figure out which actions to buy (don’t I wish I could buy them all!)


I absolutely adore this picture. His monkey feet are so cute 🙂 In terms of linear I thought there were a few aspects that applied to the photo and it seems unlike a photo that I would usually pick to share. I love that one hand is out of focus because this little man is on the move and it’s hard to capture him sitting still. Processed with some Paint the Moon actions again!



And last but not least…I love books and I love the little hand reaching for the book. I think there were a bunch of book shots out there this week and while it’s not my favorite of mine I still like it because we sure spend a lot of our day reading. Processed with a Pioneer Woman action and then Vanilla Pop from Paint the Moon.


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